WISEgenerosity . . . provides a guide for understanding generosity at a deep level.

DAVE RAMSEY, national bestselling author
and host of The Ramsey Show

Understand and harness the
transformative power of

Optimal Giving.

Optimal Giving is maximizing the benefits of generosity for everyone involved.


We are what we give. Experience the full potential of generosity. While generosity involves much more than just money, harness the full potential of financial giving by framing within the principles of W.I.S.E. Giving: Well-Grounded, Inspired, Satisfying, and Effective.


Your donors are not just a source of money. Transform these critical connections by progressing from one-time transactions to partnerships supporting your mission now and for years to come.


Philanthropic and charitable giving are the shortest and strongest path to positive, multi-generational relationships with your clients. Optimal Giving creates purposeful and productive outcomes that support your clients, nurture their families, and transform the causes they care about.

“Generosity is the hallmark character quality of people who win with money. In WISEgenerosity, Chris provides a guide for understanding generosity at a deep level. And how, when done right, it unlocks the positive potential of everything from your possessions to your relationships.”

Dave Ramsey |  national best-selling author and host of The Ramsey Show

“This remarkable volume is for anyone who aspires to leave a lasting personal and professional legacy. WISEgenerosity is a timeless handbook for a purposeful life.”

John Coleman | Managing Partner, Sovereign’s Capital; author of The Harvard Business Review Guide to Crafting Your Purpose

“Good stories are the best way of sharing wisdom. WISEgenerosity is filled with inspiring people demonstrating what it means to be fully human. Like a great movie, you learn a lot about others, about yourself, and about life itself.”

Joshua Seftel | Academy Award®-nominated director and producer

“No other book combines inspiration and implementation like WISEgenerosity. Having supported community revitalization efforts in my city and around the world, Chris’s work illuminates what successful giving is and how to make it happen.”

David Allman, Owner and Chairman of Regent Partners



Chris Gabriel’s book, WISEgenerosity, will help you apply the transformative power of giving to turn your time into treasure, your money into meaning, and your success into significance. Join with Chris, as he shares inspiring stories and personal testimonials garnered through decades of experience in nonprofits and wealth management to demonstrate the purpose AND the productivity of giving, Learn how generosity can benefit every area of your life from resources to relationships.



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Chris Gabriel

With over 30 years of leadership in the fields of philanthropy and finance, Chris Gabriel is uniquely able to advise on the topic of inspired and effective giving using a process he personally created: WISEgenerosity. Chris currently oversees a thriving wealth management practice at one of the country’s leading investment firms and is a Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®), a designation sponsored by the Investments & Wealth Institute™ through the Wharton School of Business. As a financial advisor, Chris empowers the individuals and institutions he serves to accomplish their most important goals today and in years to come. Optimal Giving is a focus of Chris’s work, uniquely combining philosophy and finance. Through experiences and decades of research and relationships, Chris has developed a framework that unlocks the potential of generosity. In order for individuals and organizations to experience the full power of giving, it must be W.I.S.E.: Well-grounded, Inspired, Satisfying, and Effective. Chris shares transformational resources here on his website, through his advisory work, and in the forthcoming book, WISEgenerosity.